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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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arrangement three is three stooges it's three. three branches closing video for your media trial against the stream media jumped our teton tom. four thirty am in moscow these are are these latest headlines and top stories from the week the death toll rises to forty seven following monday's passenger plane crash in northwest russia as two more people die in the hospital one of them a teenage girl the flight came down just a kilometer from the airport but investigators say there's no sign of mechanical. casualties in the libyan conflict continue to rise while rebel forces are accused of forcing civilians from their homes in benghazi tripoli says fifteen people were
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killed in a nato airstrike in the eastern town of brega a claim the alliance denies. euro skeptics in brussels stage of a funeral for the currency has greece faces public anger over deeper cuts and the country teeters on the brink of bankruptcy votes expected tuesday if the greek parliament passes the austerity measures will get another bailout to stave off default economic growth. next one of russia's richest men has decided to enter the world of politics mccall program has been elected leader of the right cause party he plans to win seats in december parliamentary elections and tells r t the eventually want to be prime minister and the exclusive interview he sits down and speaks with parties at work is going to stay with us. he is a successful businessman one of the wealthiest in the world for big sports then the owner of the new jersey nets and nell the leader of the right cause. which is
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waning for me on russia's a second most powerful political force joined by me. why does such a successful businessman make you want to get into politics. you know when you achieve personal success and when you know this country well any normal person in my position would have a desire to do something for other people as a mechanism for that and it's called politics people have to deal with politics when they go to polling stations there's also the job of a professional politician so i've made a decision to become a professional politician to help the citizens of this country to live better and i think i don't care for us let's talk about some of russia's biggest problems start corruption a newly sucks in nearly one third of g.d.p. according to some calculations half of business spending is on kickbacks and bribes as a representative of business would you agree with these figures and what can we don't
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we prove the situation. this is a well known fact these figures are unlikely to surprise anybody i think that our main problem is that the old model has exhausted its potential for development we should suggest a new model of political and economic development and you are geology and you everything this new model should produce a new effect i know how we should do that and we're going to explain it to every russian in our party program in a very simple way or does the right cause party have the resources to develop this new political model i think that even opportunity emerges to bring it home to our citizens what you deem necessary this chance cannot be missed the motto of you us can do it but me it's very urgent at the moment. is it possible to do business in russia would. they're all heading call stories with bills in peril you know you need to have some connections to do business in any country everything depends on the measure of these connections to a greater or minor degree big business always has more time and connections we are
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like the rest of the world in this respect. where would you put the level of corruption in russia on a ten point scale the level of corruption is high and it permeates practically all spheres of life for our people i think that we've inherited this corruption from the former u.s.s.r. it was more widespread at that time in order to buy meat it was necessary to make friends with butchers in order to buy nice clothes it was necessary to have friendly title shot directors in the market economy has become a thing of the past and the new kind of corruption has appeared everything linked to people's daily life is corrupt everybody talks about that we understand how we should tackle this problem russia's economy is still deeply dependent on natural resources and their export obviously this is a dairy is an innovation based economy possible in russia and what needs to be done to build it i think you should put this question
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a bit wider what competitive advantages does this country have compared to other countries we should develop them apart from our oil and gas sector we are also a great transit power and we don't build roads railroads or normal airports but we can link together two parts of the globe not europe and china we have unique human resources which have been underused and we're planning to focus our efforts exactly on the human potential. what's your take on russia's judicial system can it be called independent and what's your opinion on me a lot of course these second criminal case i think that our judicial system is imperfect just because of the mere fact that we don't comply with the constitution our constitution has a provision. in about the administrative court and it's been shelved for twelve years it's the administrative court there's supposed to defend our citizens because citizen doesn't like a directive issued by a bureaucrat you can turn to administrative court for help if you're
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a prat in turn to prove his directive is in line with the law today a bureaucrat takes no responsibility this is a problem that needs to be tackled by did ministry to have caught the second thing is linked to hold a costly law is a law irrespective of whether it's good or bad all of us are obliged to stick to this law if there are faults in it it's the task of a political party to suggest amendments even this imperfect law implies a procedure called early release on parole i personally think there are no grounds to deny could of course the eleventh day of their right to be released early on parole. i think the last ten years or the construction of a massive vertical wind of power and any of the region's privileges have been moved from moscow for example the election of regional governors was cancelled in your opinion does such a system meet water and the mend. only
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a system that can answer one simple question easily can be considered to match modern reality and problem should be solved wherever emerges our system of government doesn't meet that criteria at the moment is it's well known that you have close ties to both with the kremlin and the government but the right course party can be considered opposition even though you've asked others to forget this term nevertheless the policies you want to put forward or different from those of the current political force for us then this is just a different model i different vision the united russia party is a political monopoly and we will be fighting all kinds of monopolies whether political natural spiritual or economic with a competition. do you think you are all ideas maybe come up problem for your interests having such close ties with those in power. i believe every development model comes from the inside correspondingly this is my conviction and therefore i will be proposing that so gretly will do yourself running for president in the
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future. i'm not the kind of person he tends to dream or plunge into illusions we have particular goals to get into russia's lower house of parliament with the maximum number of votes what i also understand is that i could be a good prime minister if the party successful i would fight for this position. which is a question on a totally different issue our audience is quite international as the owner of the new jersey nets can you shed some light on what awaits the team this year any surprises me. but he the. team will be consolidating we have a clear plan and we're not going to give up this plan and i've announced time and time again that within four years we will become champions. another nonpolitical question about you might be it's reported there is already a five year waiting list for the score is ten years. even ten so it's
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a tremendous success even though the core is not yet being produced and most people haven't seen these cars in real life is there also interest from abroad and how do you evaluate russia's core market in general but. i'm really happy to see such great demand for the new russian car people want to see something new in russian so we must meet their expectations as a russia's automotive industry i think is now following the traditional way trying to get modern western makes into the country localization of any western car broadens the gap by seven or eight years this is why we chose a different way make an entirely new car based on a new concept we need to be able to move forwards in time that's the point of innovation and that's what innovators take risks will use. what is it possible to make parallels between the your money and the right cause party do you expect the party to be as popular as the score among the people. i wouldn't have
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gone into politics if i didn't think so. thank you very much or thank you. but i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some business or come here to make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just the people don't see me. but i feel it was time
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people like me as. well and. that i feel people will start to appreciate us. twenty years ago the largest country in. disarray to. see. one hundred k.m.'s. h. began a journey. where did it take them. from . the.
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if. it was going to hurt. this industry still keeps its secrets
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a canal it's time to reveal the soviet files an oxy celeb. innovation cluster in the center of security one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry here of course and interesting stuff in fiction straight out of software that makes three godless crieff in the building blocks from russia's first nationwide four g. network comes calling stop going to cut you up to. please the future coverage. download the official anti amplification show on phone on i pod touch from the i choose ups to. lunch life on the go. video on demand policies mindful of costs and r.s.s.
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feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call of a face to this is not a prohibition look more. fortunate and we should say everybody should support your three strikes they have no idea about the hardships the you face. plate one is businesses are open to new since for any army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand the feeling you have to live a. real life stories from world war. two true nine hundred forty five go on t.v. talk call them.
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for the. we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the news makers. are the latest headlines and top stories from the week the death toll rises to forty seven following monday's passenger plane crash in northwest russia as two more die in the hospital one of them a teenage girl the flight came down just a kilometer from the airport but investigators say there's no sign of mechanical failure. he's in the libya conflict continue to rise while rebel forces are accused of forcing civilians from their homes in benghazi tripoli says fifteen people were killed in a nato airstrike in the eastern part of applying the alliance denies. skeptics in brussels staged the euro's funeral as greece faces public anger over
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deeper cuts in the country teeters on the brink of bankruptcy a vote is expected tuesday and if the greek parliament passes the austerity measures things will get another bailout to stave off the fall of economic ruin. let's check on the latest sports news with natalia so stay with us. hello vulcan this is this forty years and here are the headlines this hour says come all school extend premier league lead up to beating up carwell second seeded sydney's fail to score against chechen side terek of whom it is. run away form the leaders of us in the town secure as is six when the season the sixteenth overall finishing ahead of a loss of one webber at the european grand prix team but i'll say i. am from the
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colts to the greens former tennis world number one new guinea couple make it secure is the russian national golf championship. title first and eight games have been played across the country in the russian premier league in the last round before a month long summer break and in one of the early fix just it's got more school retained their place at the top thanks to its real victory at the car seemed to be in this one city when the setting of the ivory coast strike a perfectly and do bear made his way through the defense to put one meal i had up to just seven minutes he was the quickest in the area once again late in the match having the second goal with seven minutes left says compost their fifth tree in a row. at the first game of the busy day to place and. grab the win that fellow strugglers and see to him. open for the visitors in the eighteenth minute with a smashing strike from inside the box right before health time marcello's it made it a double surprising the time keeper go with
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a long range effort and in injury time wrestling a ginger all receive the pin white cross into the area and easily five home for the final result of three nail. elsewhere former champions are being lost at home to combine the visitors to believe through the law to have a pro bono from a fifteen minute school like a. seventeen minutes later your book poor made it to no one held onto the lead wrapping up a surprise when on the road. and small highlights for technology had a successful visit to some morrow where they beat fellow but i'm struggling really a sad day at the bills coming in the stuff i hear of each took advantage of a girl keeping mistake beating the rebound into the next one nil and not a mistake this time by a creator. to double the school learning all the three points from. elsewhere defending champions in the fields of big carrot draws near the patrols
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the stadium in petersburg which on the spot it is man held to gold is joy against the champions meaning say a scot and to celebrate with a four point lead at the top the most good of the big ones now men like you might see it turned into a full want to rush into a local kevin karate twice and have some shots not of those first goes well for one in added the fourth one in the second period by playing on st drew to all of course the darren's for a small school not a day late goal against a stall for the score of three to. stay with those strains talented youngsters on the lines the minutes of their country by winning that's when he won the european championships spain beating switzerland in the gold medal final on their era opened the scoring forty one minute stand and with sam minutes left tiago how come tara doubled the lead sealing the final school to nail in his team's european side. in the meantime valorous surprised the odds by claiming draw on sense they defeated the czech republic you poor philip with a life when affordability russians who blogs are right for their national schools
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to compete at the london olympics next in the process. formula one now and there's no still thinks it cost him to tell the season the german winning his sixth race in twenty eleven alone and the european grand prix in violence in tel dominated throughout after starting from pole to cross the line ten seconds ahead of their audience for a loan so. and spend it delighting at home crowd by picking the tiles to mate mark webber to second spot another great race or a bull anyway with both drivers making it to the podium in a well rushes vitaly petrov started from a level from the grade but only managed the fifteenth place finish. for some reason i enjoyed this truck a very smooth week and again this year from beginning to fantastic the team has done phenomenal job preparing the car and you know even though we come here every year this might be tricky because this track maybe is not made for us. with no real fast bowlers but still i managed to put everything together pulled with this week
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and so i'm very happy with the result but. now we're more than action will resume on monday following a rest day its fourth round time both in the ladies and man singles and there are still a few russians in the title hunt and i did shut up about it hasn't dropped us out of this year's tournament so far will battle it out against china stronger than top seed carolyn wozniak he takes on dominic it's a book about well siri and i am fearless williams will play mario in parts of the answer that appear on cover respectively. another russian that it sure takes on the inform belorussian because rails are incarcerated for a while surprise package senior voc will be aiming to reach their first ever grand slam quarters at the expanse of time euro project. on the men's side mikhail youzhny in fact the only russian remaining could be leaving soon as he faces six champions and wimbledon favorite roger federer usual suspects in the dull djokovic and murray also in action on the season monday. as are the other eight contenders
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including phillips and a lot of doubt andy roddick in the previous round he has a good chance to move further in the draw on the lowly ranked lucas school but stands in the way. that russian golf has a familiar name with a former tennis star dominating on the plants in grains x. world number one and two time grand slam champion. has been crowned russia's golf channel. for the next year at least i got to look up and said the national championships as a pro but he really expected the thirty seven year old to top the leaderboard his tournaments started slowly but he was boosted by the fact the two favorites to win in the past over have been disqualified for rules violations so off the day three companies of trail. by eight strokes until he found his touch the card and impressive last round on the closing day which included six spirit is and only one bogey and despite a fairly average finish of fifteen over it allowed to leapfrog his opponents and grab the title. it's very unexpected for me
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a good surprise. it was for the under which was very good to three very. good that hadn't happened i probably would have won the competition to school rules and go for the same for everyone. now the w.b. world middleweight title has stayed around the waist a fellow german retaining his belt up an eight up split decision of a challenge i'm out here macklin the fight is claiming they without loss the other in that pretty much to pass however showed that contrition was superb going to twelve round distance and a hugely entertaining offend him again drawing a sizeable home crowd fighting in his native germany for the fourteenth straight out thirty two year old landed some solid shots on maclin including at the end of its wealth of the three judges promptly giving them the all to hell favorites over the irishman. retaining the belt since two thousand and seven.
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and over to rugby sevens now angle and claimed this second european grand prix series win in a row the englishman proved to be the best side of the moscow stage which was held over the weekend with russia only claiming seventh place has more. for the seventh time the rugby sevens continental championships hebrew russian capital. of the two term european champions russia will flow from their best. heading field to make it to the final four hosts were only destined to fight for fief place. the russians got off to a very good start against france in the first place and a foreigner. in seoul run here giving the home side for a new lead. it didn't take russia long to extend their early twelve points but the frenchman giving up. will fly by the break forcing russia. to do all he could do encourage his.
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old friends come from behind in the second and battle to win taking them into the final twenty nineteen that score. i. thought that was despite the oh come on please with the way my boys played they were giving their all in fighting to the end it's a game and we just didn't have the luck they had. both teams managed to earn their own arse in the end up with france being wales for the plate and russia rushing eataly twenty four and claimed seventh place meanwhile the van strongest favorites england were just unstoppable on the way to their second cup of the season following this is an opening round in france last week the stem around england first had to beat spain in the semifinal and did so with a related twenty four fourteen. that's how it came to final
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where the englishman face portugal the team that managed to upset them in the group stage was way over the decider to be a different story early in the first tough roiled when they were fit to nice tries was successfully converted fourteen neal huge advantage for the final with england never letting their emotional get close to twenty four twelve the final score and again we lost them when you're going to be tough for such as any obvious errors was accompanying the european stuff and when you win you have to work hard to beat them and luckily we've got a good cushion for them to hang on up and we were going to short be used with the whole. play as they were to bring us a fresh pleasant second off just defend well and see the game out england claim their second straight stage win in the european grand prix serious and keep the undisputed lead in the overall standings for the next round to be held in barcelona
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spain on the ninth and i. are but for the party. and that was the us call coming up as the weather stay with our team. question is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean when i say you have a real mystery may be your own and it's meeting with destiny the greek government survives a vote of confidence as its crushing debt ordeal continues unabated. into more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers faults make sense articles so special and attractive for many wildlife in antarctica is
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a place if you live in the flood zone. expeditions to the bottom of the earth are teams.
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